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Blockchain-powered solutions for greater supply chain transparency
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Secure, Decentralized Data

The Lucidity protocol uses smart contracts to track, verify, and reach consensus on all advertising data for all members of the ecosystem. Backed by the blockchain and secured by cryptography, this is the next generation of marketing analytics.



See the Complete Picture

Our state-of-the-art blockchain technology provides the most transparent digital analytics so you can do business more efficiently

Impression Verification

Resolve impression-level data discrepancies for faster billing and optimized spending

Payment Tracking

Track all of your programmatic costs across exchanges down to the publisher to see who’s being honest (and who isn’t), and optimize against overcharging

Fraud Prevention

Avoid advertising to bots by confirming publisher identity and flagging fake bid requests


Protect Your Identity

Don’t let fraudsters steal your identity and decrease the value of your website or app. Prove to your advertising partners that your inventory is high-performing and fraud-free.


Make Money Verifying Metrics

Operate one of our verification nodes to verify metrics for additional revenue. All you need is a high-powered Internet connection and you’re ready to go.

Let's Create a More Transparent Ecosystem

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Lucidity is a blockchain protocol that provides transparency and authenticity for digital advertising analytics


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