Advertising Solutions

Blockchain-powered solutions to fight fraud and eliminate waste

See the Complete Picture

Our state-of-the-art blockchain technology provides the most transparent digital analytics so you can maximize your marketing effectiveness

Event Verification

Ensure that the media you buy is the media you receive

Waste Identification

Find the sources of waste that weigh down your campaign performance and eliminate them

Fraud Prevention

Avoid advertising to bots by confirming publisher identity and flagging fake bid requests


Secure, Decentralized Data

The Lucidity protocol uses smart contracts to track, verify, and reach consensus on all advertising data for all members of the ecosystem. Backed by the blockchain and secured by cryptography, this is the next generation of marketing analytics.

Lightning Fast

Blockchain technology has never been faster.
See how we’ve scaled┬áblockchain to match the speed of programmatic.

Let's Create a More Transparent Ecosystem

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Lucidity creates the transparency advertisers need to fight fraud.


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