A win for Lucidity is a win for blockchain.

That’s what makes us the most excited about winning the Digiday Technology Award for Best Marketing Analytics Platform.

It’s not just a testament to what we’ve achieved as a company, but more so speaks to the ingenuity and tenacity of the blockchain community. Together, we’re creating real solutions for real-world problems – and that’s thrilling.

The lack of transparency in marketing analytics is a real-world problem. Advertisers feel it. Publishers feel it. Without transparency, marketers waste millions of dollars on bad ads, bad placements, fraudulent vendors, and more.

Blockchain has always been more than Bitcoin. It’s an infrastructure that creates supply chain transparency in industries where trust is hard to find. We’ve been inspired by the opportunity this technology affords to finally solve some of the industry’s biggest problems and bring trust back to advertising.

We’re very proud and humbled to be included in a fantastic group of marketing analytics companies, including CallRail, Datorama Inc, ListenFirst, and Semcasting.

We’ve got even more exciting announcements coming up – including information about a few recent campaigns we’ve run – so stay tuned to all things Lucidity by joining us on Telegram, or subscribing to our email list here.

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