“The new kid on the block.”

That’s how The Blocks Awards describe the winner of the Blockchain Startup of 2018. Specifically, they describe the winner as a  startup that has shown to be “creating a positive impact on the blockchain sector.”

Today, we are thrilled and so very proud to announce that Lucidity has been named Blockchain Startup of 2018.

blockchain startup of 2018

Obviously we didn’t start Lucidity to win awards. What we did do was dedicate ourselves to building a real product that solves real problems in the digital advertising space.

It’s that dedication that – in our belief – won us this award.

We’ve taken painstaking efforts to not only clearly articulate the problems we’re solving and how we’re solving them, but also to show our work. In addition to our white paper, we’ve released a yellow paper that dives deep into our solutions. And we just opened up our code for review by Crypto Briefing.

We want to show just as much as we tell.

We’re honored to be mentioned alongside other fabulous companies in our space doing incredible work, including ShareRing, Greeneum Net Limited, Hedera Hashgraph, DNATtix, and ShelterZoom. Those companies are just as deserving of this recognition as we are. If you haven’t already, please check their websites out and see what they’re up to.

This is just the beginning. Next year we may no longer be the “new kid on the block.” But we’ll still be here, heads down, working on solving the next big thing in digital advertising and beyond.

You best stay tuned.


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